Saturday, January 29, 2005


My MIL accused me of sending a piece of her mail back to the INS, or whatever it's called now. Later she changed the story and said that because I made her change her address, she got this piece of mail too late. *If she was still getting her mail at our house then everything would be ok.* She complained that she has to get everything fixed. I find out today that it wasn't too late (I actually knew this already because she was complaining that she had to get her fingerprints taken 14 days from January 4th when the mail was sent and it was the 27th) and she went and did what she was supposed to do. The person she spoke with even asked her why she never told them she moved and gave her a change of address form to fill out. That's the question I've been trying to answer.

Nevermind that she finally had her mail forwarded to her house after 2 1/2 years and we no longer get her shit, but what gives her the right to call and accuse me of anything when the only think I've ever "done" to her is send a few pieces of her mail to her house? And who cares if I did send it back? After begging her for over 2 years to change her address, I think that's nice compared to what most people would do. She should have changed it right after she moved out instead of making Jose give her mail to her all that time. She should be glad I sent those 3 pieces of mail to her house and not back to the sender. Why does she think she should be able to use our mailbox forever?

What makes this even better is that she called my husband and told him all this so he would get mad at me. *I never should have made her change her address because she is special and can use everyone's homes as she pleases. And look what I've done now. She may get deported now because I wouldn't let her use our mailbox. She shouldn't have to tell anyone that she moved and get her mail at her new house like everyone else does. The normal thing to do is to keep getting your mail at your old house for as long as you want.*

Even if you leave out the part about her story not making any sense at all, the whole thing is still stupid. Why would anyone not want their mail to go to their own house? I've tried and tried, but I can't figure this out. And I can't figure out how she hasn't managed to kill herself somehow during the activities of everyday life. They seem so difficult for her.


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