Sunday, January 16, 2005

Perfect daughter-in-law

A poster on asked what your mother-in-law would consider the perfect daughter-in-law. Here's my description of what my mother-in-law thinks is the perfect daughter-in-law:

She would be from El Salvador, short like MIL, pretty but not too pretty, a little overweight so MIL could tell her she needs to lose weight and could tell her how to do it. She would have very thin, brittle hair so she would compliment MIL on how thick and beautiful her hair is and she would tell MIL every day how much she wishes she had MIL's hair.

She wouldn't know how to cook toast and would be dying for MIL to try to teach her. She would give everyone a key to her house to come and go as they please.

She would make lots of money and be more than willing to give it to MIL when she asked and she wouldn't ask MIL to pay her back b/c everyone owes MIL everything. She would be a doctor and would see MIL for free for her daily illnesses and she would work part time at MIL's favorite store so she could get a discount. She would be busy at work most of the time and she wouldn't see DH very much so MIL could be alone with him all the time, but even when she got home she would want MIL to stay around as long as she wanted.

She would be cheerful all the time and never have a bad day. She would love it when people treat her like she's stupid and tell her how to do everything. She would agree with MIL that Americans ARE stupid.


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