Monday, January 03, 2005

The sickening relationship between a mother and her son

I've always wondered what makes people hate others for no apparent reason. My mother-in-law hates me. There's no logical reason that I can see, but she does. The feeling is mutual, though, and it doesn't bother me that she wishes me ill will. Her craziness will backfire on her one of these days.

This story is way too complicated and long to post at once, but the basics are that my mother-in-law never seemed to really like me, but she acted as though she did until my husband, Jose, and I decided to get married. Instead of just being weird, she started being openly bitchy. She did a lot of things on purpose to annoy me and make my life difficult.

A message board I go to often,, has lots of stories from other people with the same problem and a lot of my stories are there. It's great to know that other people have to deal with crazies they are stuck with because they are related to them. I like making fun of her to other people, too.

The prevailing theory on this board is that the relationship between mothers and sons borders on being romantic and when another woman enters the picture the mother gets jealous and doesn't want to share her son. It's kind of like the saying, "A girl's first love is her father." A boy's first love is his mother. Sounds strange and nauseating, but it makes sense. Usually, the first relationship a boy has with a female is with his mother. She's always there and she loves and cares for him. This is normal and healthy, but the problem starts when the son has a serious relationship with another female and the mother doesn't know what to do. Interesting concept, but infuriating.

I've learned a lot from this board and it has made my life a lot easier. Even if you don't have mother-in-law problems, a lot of the stories are entertaining. I know mine are. They even make me laugh after I'm done being pissed off about it because they are so ridiculous and I know other people would be amused by them. This site also has other boards about other family members, where you can complain about your sister, parents or other in laws. It's worth checking out even if you are fortunate enough to not have at least one family member you can't stand. If you are so lucky, visit this site and find out what the rest of us normal people have to deal with.


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