Sunday, February 06, 2005

Backwoods Godfather

We met the Godfather today. He was selling boiled peanuts with his grandson out of his pick up truck on a street corner in the country. On a flatbed trailer hitched to the truck, were several large, white buckets filled with peanuts. The sign simply advertised "boiled peanuts" in black ink.

We pulled up and rolled down the window. The Godfather comes up and says hello in his raspy, hoarse voice. It sounded like it hurt him to talk.

"Ummm...I'd like a thing of boiled peanuts."

"We got too dolla, free dolla, fo dolla and figh dolla."

"Two dolla."

The Godfather walks away. Party boy grandson with zero gage earrings and Independent shirt and jeans gives us the peanuts packed in a 20 ounce styrofoam cup from the Kwik Shop down the street.

"Two dollars."

I hand over the money and he walks away. As I roll up the window, we here the Godfather speak.

"Did you get the money?"


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