Thursday, February 03, 2005

Call me BACK

I have to document this. I want to remember it forever. It's one of those things that you wish you could remember when you want to laugh.

Today, Jose called someone and was had to leave a message. He leaves the worst messages in the world.

Example: "My name is Jose G. My number is --------." (hangs up)
I'm constantly reminding him, "Tell people why you call!"

So today he starts to do the same thing and I say, "Call me back...," trying to get him to tell the reason for his call. It went like this:

"My name is Jose G. My number is --------." Pause. "Call me back. Call me back. Baby, gaaawd!" Hangs up.

*Snort* *Giggle*

He refused to call the guy back to leave a normal message b/c "he'll think I'm retarded." could let him know you're not by leaving a not-stupid message, but whatever.

The guy called back later and I ended up talking to him. He sounded a little confused. (Hehe) I wish I would have thought to ask him to forward that message to my phone. Damn. I would listen to that every day.


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