Sunday, February 13, 2005

Crazy, crazy MIL

My husband and I went with a couple of friends to eat at the restaurant where MIL works on New Year's Day. I wasn't happy about going, but everyone else wanted to go there, so I decided it would be a chance to annoy MIL and get to make fun of her for doing something weird and/or stupid. Since everything she does is weird or stupid or both, it would be a given.

The host seated us in her section and she got to serve us! Yay!! She greeted everyone else personally and since I was trying to ignore her, she decided to talk to me.

"Oh, Soosahn, do you want to go to sleep?"

"Umm, yeah?"

"Ooooooooh, me, too!" *Giggle* (Walks away)

We all had gone to bed drunk about 7 a.m., it was about 12:30 p.m. and my eyes were puffy from about 2 hours of sleep and, of course, drinking A LOT. This exchange was typical, but still weird. And that's just the beginning.

We order drinks and then food. MIL brings out everyone's food except mine.

"What kind of dressing do you want with your salad?"

Nevermind that I already told her, but why is she bringing my salad WITH the rest of the food? And why am I served last?

"I guess I get to eat my salad while my food gets cold," I said after she walked away. Grrrrr.

Midway through the meal, MIL asks to refill everyone's drinks. We all had sweet tea and she had a pitcher of it in her hand. She refills everyone else's, then asks if I want a refill.

"Yes, thanks."

SHE TOOK THE GLASS WITH HER BACK TO THE KITCHEN! WTF?! What is she doing to my drink? I was thinking.

Me: "Why is she taking my drink back to the kitchen?"

DH: "I think she ran out (of tea in the pitcher)."

Me: "Well, when she brings it back you're switching drinks with me. If she put something in it, you're going to deal with it."

DH: "I don't think she would put something in it, baby."

Me: "How do you know?"

She brings the glass back and when she leaves I make DH switch with me.

"If you get sick, it's because of your mother."

"If I get sick it's because I'm hung over."

Friend: "That's what she wants you to think." *Evil grin*

It was a joke, but maybe not far from the truth. Anyway, he didn't take a drink out of it. Not even once. He must think she would put something in my drink, too. I was going to switch drinks in front of her right when she brought it, but everyone was telling me not to. Peer pressure. I wished I had done it, though. I wanted to see if she would take it back or say something about me switching with DH. Then we would know for sure if she did something to it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ur mil is so mean! but atleast ur being the bigger person. my bf's mother has never met me but she doesn't like me cuz i'm not jewish. what can i do? i guess you can't win em all.

3:58 PM  
Blogger Susan said...

That's just one story and I thought that one was more funny than mean. Have you read the other posts?

You should go to and hear some of the horror stories there.

10:32 PM  

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