Saturday, February 05, 2005

Defective shopping list

A few years ago, MIL asked me to go to the store for her so she could cook lunch for everyone. Jose was at work and she was watching SIL's kids, so I agreed. She told me EXACTLY what to get, repeated everything several times and made me right it down. I still remember to this day: a six-pack of diet caffeine-free Cokes, not a 12-pack, but a six-pack; the smallest box of baby wipes they had; a pound of Roma tomatoes and mole (a sauce).

When I got back, she asked me why I didn't get a 12-pack of Cokes, why I didn't get the biggest box of baby wipes and why I had gotten 2 different kinds of mole, spicy and green instead of regular, even after I explained to her that they were out of the regular mole and that was all they had. She explained to me that it was more practical to buy a 12-pack b/c it's cheaper and she wanted the biggest box of baby wipes so SIL could use them.

I got exactly what she asked for and reminded her that I wrote it down in front of her, but nooooooo that's not what she wanted. Then she complained about 500 times about the mole.

That was the last time I went shopping for her.


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