Thursday, February 24, 2005

The demented elf look

I was watching a rerun of Sex and the City the other day in which Charlotte was having problems with her overbearing MIL, who lived with her and her fiancee. Well, the MIL finally moved out but still had a key, I guess. She walked in one morning with muffins and went into the bedroom unannounced and caught Trent and Charlotte having fun in bed. They just stared at her and she froze and eventually left, muttering to herself.

My MIL almost walked in on us three times. The first time was early in our relationship. MIL walked in and I was lying on top of DH (then BF) on the couch. Nothing was happening yet, but it was going to in the near future. Fortunately, we were still dressed. I was half asleep or drunk or something and I kept lying there staring at her and then laid my head down on his chest. He eventually told me to get up because she just stood there in the doorway staring at us with a demented elf look on her face.

The second time, we were in the bedroom. She came in the (unlocked) front door and was making her way back to the bedroom. My husband had to yell at her to stop her from walking all the way to the bedroom in the back of the house. She was already halfway there. He jumped up, put some pants on and went to see what she wanted. She kept him for a looong time and when he finally came back it was completely ruined.

The third time, she knocked on the door and immediately began using her key to unlock the door. She didn't wait for anyone to open the door or tell her she could come in, she just whipped the key out like she lived here. In this house, our bedroom is right next to the door and he had to jump out of bed and throw on some boxers to meet her when she opened the door.

Yeah, she's dense. Or maybe she liked to catch us. I don't know. She's a creepy person. Even though she had to know what was going on, she would never leave and kept him for a long time talking or complaining or whatever. I'm sure she enjoyed ruining the moment like she enjoys ruining everything else.

This happened over several years in three different places. The first and second times the door was unlocked and she walked in. The last time was where we live now and the only reason she had a key was b/c she used to live here and she lied and said she gave us all the keys. She has also knocked on the door hundreds of times (OK, maybe not that many, but it seems like it) and interrupted things and she used to call almost every time we did anything when she was still calling all the time. I used to think she somehow knew when we were *trying* to be romantic. I wonder if she still gets the urge to call or come over during those times.


Anonymous Bob said...

I swear...our evil inlaws must be related.

The only thing that saved us when we first got married was the fact that I was in the Army and we got stationed in AZ. Even the MIL couldn't find a way to drop in when it was a 3000 mile trip. :)

She still loves to drop in or call, especially when I've asked for it to not happen, like after 9pm at night or before 10am on weekends. Grrr.

10:12 AM  
Blogger Susan said...

I'm surprised she didn't "drop in" when you lived in AZ. :)

My MIL got bitched at by my husband a few times for coming by without calling and that stopped. Now she hardly ever calls and she and I don't speak at all because of the things she has done over the past year. My husband only talks to her when he has to.

If your MIL is as bad as mine, you should convince your wife to severely limit contact. Mine nearly drove me insane with all her BS.

10:29 AM  
Anonymous Bob said...

We don't have near the contact that we did when we first moved back to this area.

We have kids so you can't avoid all contact, but we're definitely not living our lives at the inlaws home like some of her family does.

12:31 PM  

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