Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Of mice and women

So, I was going to heat up some soup in the microwave today. I opened the door and something came shooting out from behind it. I screamed, not knowing what I was seeing. I quickly focused on the little brown thing flying across the sink. It was a mouse. Damn it!! I have been hearing sounds under the cabinet that sounded like a mouse. It paused behind some dishes and then slid across the counter, dove behind the stove and disappeared.

They have their routine. It starts with very faint noises of scratching, tapping, etc. Then louder noises. Then the first sighting. After that, they keep getting braver until you start seeing them all the time. They slide across the floor, flailing their tiny legs like a cartoon character and hit the wall. They crawl onto the couch next to you when you are eating and disappear again when you notice them. They play hide and seek. They invite their friends.

This is the third time in 2 1/2 years that we have had mice. Or mouse. But probably mice. The fun part is getting the traps and hoping they'll get caught when my husband's home so I don't have to deal with them myself or sit there knowing that one is stuck to the flypaper. No mice killing here. The only cruel thing we do to them is slather them with oil to get them off the paper. The look they give me when I'm pouring cooking oil on them is priceless. Then they just slide off and waddle away.

I might as well start keeping them as pets if I'm going to have them here every year or so anyway.


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