Thursday, March 10, 2005

Do they pay for his drinks when he goes out at night, too?

Here's a story about MIL because I know that's what you want to read anyway.

According to MIL, the real estate agency my husband's cousin works for in California PAYS for his vacations. When they go to Hawaii, the company pays for it. They pay for the plane tickets and hotel room. But only for him and his wife, not for their three kids. Someone should explain to her that "paid vacations" doesn't mean your entire trip is paid for. What a dumbass.

She says he also gets paid A LOT of money. She used to think he earned about $100,000 per year (THAT doesn't pay for million dollar homes and exotic vacations with three kids) but now she says he makes about $300,000 per year because she asked his wife and that's what she told her. If I were his wife, I would have told MIL to shove it up her ass. Geez, she's so damn nosy.


In a promising development I've been hoping for, MIL has stopped being "nice" to me. Fake nice, that is. She was never genuinely nice. Jose was next door at his sister's house where MIL was, of course, when I got home the other day and he waved at me when I got out of the car. MIL didn't even look my way. NOW he can't say she's just being nice. Thank you for sparing me the bullshit.


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