Thursday, March 24, 2005

Hey, federal government! Read this:

I think I mentioned something about this in an earlier post, but here is the whole story and some recent developments.

My husband moved into our house almost three years ago. His parents lived here and he bought it from them when they bought another, bigger house. Instead of transferring their loan into his name, he stupidly continued paying their loan. I’m not sure why he did this, but I think it has something to do with being told that it was the best thing to do. Anyway, this has caused lots of problems for him, from me bitching about it a lot to the PILs thinking this house is still theirs.

The biggest problem, for me anyway, is his mom not wanting to give this place up. She pretended she still lived here until just a few months ago. She got her mail here, she cleaned up the yard and cut things down without even asking. Before that, she came here ALL THE TIME, took showers here, hung out on her work break, etc. I slowly ended that. I’m so evil.

Not only did she also refuse to change her address, she used our address for new credit cards and all kinds of things. We got all of their credit card bills here, new and old, their bank statements, their W2’s, and anything and everything that didn’t directly have to do with their new house. But I’m sure that’s only because it HAD to be sent there instead of here.

In November or December, I was so sick of getting their mail and asking them to change their address and Jose having to take their mail to them almost everyday, that I wrote “Please forward to: PIL’s address” on all the envelopes and put them back in the mail.

OHHH, you would have thought I sent them hate mail or threw their shit away. I was so rude for doing that. It was fucked up. Why couldn’t we just keep bringing it to MIL? (Like we hadn’t already been doing that since she moved out.) MIL called to bitch out Jose and SIL called later that day to talk shit about me. We were so fucked up. Why should MIL have to get her own mail at her own house? That doesn’t make sense.

If I really were evil, I could have put their address on the Internet. Maybe later.

MIL complained that she got all of her bills late and she couldn’t pay them on time. I sent everything a few days after I got it (honestly, I was considering throwing it all away, but my niceness overcame me) so how could that be true when you always have at least two, maybe three weeks to pay bills before they’re late? Yep, all their bullshit got Jose mad at me for about two minutes before I pointed out how ridiculous their accusations were. PLEASE. Her shit isn’t late and she should be getting her own mail at her own house anyway, like, THREE YEARS AGO. What does she expect? To have it sent here forever? What about when we move? Is she STILL going to come here and harass the new owners about her mail?

Not long after that, we received two change of address notices in the mail. One for MIL and one for FIL. FIL’s was for him only and MIL’s was for---wait, is that correct?—the WHOLE FAMILY!? You’ve got to be kidding me, now she wants to get OUR MAIL at HER HOUSE? Oh hell no. I had to call the post office and tell them that this person IS NOT authorized to change anything from this address unless it is for her only. They made a note of it and everything was fine until about a month later when MIL, too stupid to know that after you forward everything you actually have to change your address with the bank, credit card companies, etc., called to complain that she got a letter from the INS late and it was all my fault because I made her change her address.

The letter said she had to get her fingerprints done within 14 days of January 8th, the date on the letter, and she said it was too late. It was January 21st. She could still go the next day and I found out later that she did and they asked her why she hadn’t told them that she had moved. DER! DER! DER! She supposedly thought that you weren’t SUPPOSED to change your address with the INS. You HAD to get your mail at the same address. What, forever? DER!

Fast forward to a few days ago when I was online checking the amount we owe on the house. I noticed that the address had been changed to their address. I know it’s their loan and everything, but we’re paying it and we’re about to be done paying it so we’ll need the paperwork the bank is going to send when we pay it off. Why are they changing the address now? They thought they were sneaky, but I changed it back. Neener neener. I wonder if they’re going to try to make it hard for us to get the house in our name? Hmm. Yeah, I think so. The other day Jose told MIL we were about to pay the loan off and she got mad because we're not paying her back first for some money he borrowed from her. Who cares that our house is NOT in OUR name and we have a lot of other bills to pay? SHE'S more important.

And yesterday, MIL stopped DH to give him a credit card bill. OUR bill. With HER address on it. OUR bill that had been sent to HER house. And it had been carefully opened and glued back shut. Now how the hell did that happen? We called to change the address back and the operator said something about a national address change and since we have the same last name, our address got changed to hers. Whah? I don’t understand. Maybe DH was telling me a story so I wouldn't be more pissed off. So, I got online and checked the address of our other credit cards and they were all correct. Except this one. Jesus, I hope she doesn’t know someone at AmEx. I warned DH that the next time we have a problem with our mail involving her or her address, I’m calling the cops to report her for mail tampering. I’ve had it with that woman and her bullshit. Sometimes I don’t know if she really is that stupid or she’s being malicious. What do you think?


Blogger M said...

I don't think she's stupid at all. I think she's totally malicious. She knows what in the hell she's doing. And you better believe she's going to give you shit about getting the house in your name. Be prepared for a fight! What a biatch.

3:15 PM  
Blogger Susan said...

Yep. I think you're right. Although I do think she's stupid also, I think she's malicious, too. What I wonder sometimes is how much of each one is involved in her stupid shit. *Sigh* I really hope your future MIL isn't such a nutcase.

12:08 AM  
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