Saturday, March 12, 2005

I was naked and it was sooo cool

I seem to always get stuck close to an obnoxious asshole who practically shouts about his "hilarious shenanigans" in high school and/or college to his dinner buddies.

We went to eat at a restaurant last night and it happened again. At first, I didn’t notice him, but by the time the appetizer came and the restaurant had cleared out a little, all I could hear was this annoyance screaming his stupid stories while his friends forced themselves to laugh.

He got naked in a pool during a party and his dad shined a bright light on everyone. He got naked at a party after prom and got arrested for it. He got naked, climbed a tree and got arrested again. He got naked here, there and everywhere during high school.

"I said, the water reflects the light and it looks smaller. SERIOUSLY. Giggle. I did this and I was naked. Tee hee. I got arrested because I was naked. Guffaw. My dad didn’t care. He said that’s my son! My parents let me learn from my mistakes. He he. I got naked and everyone else did, TOO!"

I mean really. If everyone wanted to hear your funny, funny stories, they would ask. Everyone around you doesn’t want to hear you reminisce about all the "outrageous" things you did when you were younger. Get over it. It’s only funny to the people who were actually there 10 years ago.



Blogger Claypot said...

A group of friends and I were out at a pre-wedding celebration dinner in a restaurant. There was a preacher on the next table who had forgotten he was off-duty, and was lecturing his dinner companions on hellfire and brimstone. And everyone else in the restaurant too. The Husband went over and politely told him to can it. He had the grace to desist.

8:28 AM  
Blogger Susan said...

Hmmm...the husband has balls. At least you didn't have to listen to someone else's conversation the whole time. :)

5:59 PM  

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