Wednesday, March 09, 2005


So we went to see Juanes, a Colombian band, at The Tabernacle in Atlanta. The batteries in my camera went dead halfway through the show but I got some decent ones. The stage looked pretty much the same the whole time anyway. Here are some pictures that actually look ok.

Some highlights of the night:

Some people start fighting and after the crowd starts pointing them out, singer stopped the music, went over to the guys and told them that if they could stop fighting, they could stay and party with the rest of us. I don’t know if security actually let them stay.

Singer let three girls onstage to dance with him, but not all at once. One of the girls tried to get onstage a second time and she was stopped by a very large female security guard, who grabbed her leg. She begged the guard and the singer to let her go up to him to get another kiss, I guess. He ignored her and some guy from the back of the stage ran out and practically pushed her off the stage.

Children as young as maybe six years old with their parents among the at least five bars on three floors and thousands of drunk people. Sure the show was G-rated, but kids in that crowd? I don’t know.

My friend got stopped by a security guard as we were trying to go back to get my husband’s jacket. He didn’t believe he was going to get a jacket and wouldn’t let him through. Since he wasn’t paying attention to me, I went past him to the bar where the jacket was. My husband went back to make sure Scott didn’t get his ass kicked. I was followed by another security guard who asked me, “What are you doing? Who are you with?” “I’m with them and we’re trying to get a coat. They won’t let them past so I’m getting it.” He followed me to the bar and told the bartender to give me the jacket. How hard was that stupid Tabernacle security bitch?

Selling two extra tickets for UNDER value. UNDER value. Not MORE than they were worth or at least AT value. Yes, I’m still pissed about that. Thanks Scott!

Being told by a bartender on the second floor that I’m too pretty to smoke. Thanks! For me, drinking = smoking, though. Yes, I know it causes lung cancer, premature death, makes you look old sooner, dries out your skin and hair, weakens your lungs and make you smell like crap. I think I covered it all.

Stopping in a college town on the way back home to eat something and Scott yelling “I wanna buy those bitches!” to some college girls dressed like whores. Or maybe they were dressed to go out. Whatever wearing knee-high boots and mini skirts suggests.


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