Friday, March 04, 2005

What, I'm not allowed to have friends now?

My best friend went to eat with her parents at the restaurant where my MIL works. This is what happened when they were leaving:

MIL runs up to her: Hey, baby. I've missed you. You never come in here anymore why you never come here anymore I know why you never come here anymore why you never come here anymore? (She had been there at least two other times in the few weeks before, but I must be telling her not to go there because MIL is there.)

Friend: Oh, I don't know.

MIL: Are you still friends with Soosahn?

Friend: Umm, yes.

MIL: Oh. (disappointed look)

When they left, my friend turned around to playfully make a face at her mom and MIL was standing in the window staring at her. She must have thought she made the face at her because she had a hurt look on her face. Oh well. She shouldn't have been stalking my friend like a maniac. Ha ha MIL. EVERYONE hates you!

Now why would she think we weren't friends? We haven't been hanging out as much lately, but how does MIL know that? Not from DH b/c he hardly talks to her. Maybe evil SIL told her my car has been at the house more often lately. That must mean I have no friends anymore because my car is there at a different time.

But why the hell does she care? She has to know everything about me all the time so she has something bad to say about me. I wish my friend had told her that we weren't friends anymore just to see what she would say. I'm sure she would be overjoyed and she wouldn't be able to control herself and she would give my friend a kiss--on the mouth--for not being friends with the evil son stealer that I am. Because I don't deserve to have friends or any happiness in life because her son doesn't kiss her ass anymore and do exactly what she wants him to do because I'm his wife and he kisses my ass and does everything I tell him to and I'm telling him to hate his family because that can be the only reason he wouldn't want to see them all the time anymore. They've never done anything to make him not want to see them. They're all good people. It has to be my fault. That's the only explanation.

And how dare I ban her from coming to our house? She can't annoy and harass me anymore if she can't call or come over every second and make snarky comments. I'm going to hell for ruining her sadistic enjoyment of torturing me and making me uncomfortable in my own house. Now she can only get to me through my friends.

Poor MIL.


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