Saturday, April 23, 2005

An attack of common sense, well not really

In an earlier post I wrote that Jose and I were buying MIL and FIL's old house/land and that we were done paying for it/were almost done paying for it. Anyway, we paid off the loan balance April 1st and all that needed to be done was to get them to go and sign papers to get everything in OUR names. (Don't ask me why this wasn't done in the beginning, you would have to ask Jose. *rolls eyes*) Jose made an appointment with our laywer and all we had to do was wait and see if they actually showed up. Well--this is a fucking miracle--THEY DID! (Angels singing) They DIDN'T pull their usual shit by saying they'll go and then disappearing the whole day. I can't believe it. They actually did what they were supposed to do without acting like they were doing us a HUGE favor by doing the right thing and what they agreed to do anyway. The only problem is that by being nice or, let's say, not assholes, Jose seems to have forgotten all the evilness for the moment. That will go away as soon as they go back to their usual ways. I hope.

On an annoying note, MIL's usual stupidness still shined through when Jose told her about the appointment and asked her for the deed. We got a letter from the bank confirming the payoff and clearly stating that the deed had been given to the purchaser at the time the land was purchased. I listened as he told her 10 times what the letter said and she denied that she had the deed. Over and over.

"The bank doesn't have it. You're supposed to have it. It says so in the letter. From the bank."

"No, the bank has it."


How stupid can you possibly be?

After this went on for at least 15 minutes, she finally told him that an uncle must have it because they bought the land from him (I found out later--via courthouse records--that they didn't, in fact, buy it from him, but he helped them with a second mortgage. Whatever). He asked her to get a copy of the deed from the county courthouse, as the letter instructed. Then she argued about where to get the deed. The letter said to get it at the county courthouse. Then she argued about where the county courthouse is. Montgomery is the capital of the state also making it the county seat. Therefore, all city and county municipal buildings are in downtown Montgomery. We've been there many times. WE KNOW WHERE IT IS.

Then she decided that she was too busy that day to go get it even though she was not working and probably really had nothing to do but sit around and think of ways to torture people using only her presence. But she would TRY to go that day.

Exasperated with all the idiocy, I told him to tell her that I would go get it. He did.

"No, she can't go get it. She has to have MY permission to get it. Tell her not to go."

He actually asked me to call first to make sure I could get it. Why does he believe anything she says when everything that comes out of her mouth is guaranteed to be wrong? It's like she tries.

"I KNOW I can get it. I don't need to call to find out. Remember that I have a degree in journalism, I worked for two newspapers and I just finished a real estate prelicense course? They kind of tell you these sorts of things, you know, what's public information and what's not."

She still didn't believe it. She sat and waited for him to call her back and say, "You were right, mom. You're so smart. I don't know why I ever listened to Susan."

So I went to get it. It took, like, 5 minutes and they didn't ask any questions. I called Jose to tell him. He breathed a sigh of relief.

"I got it like I said I would."

"Oh good."

"Again, why do you ever listen to your mom?"

"I don't know. I just didn't know if you could get it. But I didn't tell you not to go get it."


He calls MIL to tell her. She says, "Oh. I just didn't think she could get it."

*Sigh* The level of stupidity is breathtaking.


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