Tuesday, April 26, 2005

My husband has 3 wives

Me, his mom and his sister.

Both of them are married and semi-married, but whenever they need help with anything they call him. It's his responsibility to collect money for his mom from people she has sold cars and land to because she doesn't want to do it herself. He should cut his sister's grass when he cuts his own. His mom is the most important person in his life (and the world) and his job is to make her happy before all others. If he does something they don't like, he should bow down to them and kiss their feet to make them happy again and, of course, stop doing what they told him not to do in the first place. They're always right anyway. What's his (and mine) is theirs, but he better not ask them for anything. Scared at night during a thunderstorm? Call Jose. Need a few groceries but you're too lazy to get them yourself? Call Jose. Want cable, trash pickup and extra storage but don't want to pay for it? Use Jose's. He doesn't mind. Short on cash? Ask Jose. He has plenty. And why bother paying him back? He doesn't want you to.

Not that he does all of this, but he's SUPPOSED to because they're faaamily. He just isn't considerate enough of their feelings and doesn't help them enough. How selfish of him to worry about his own life and bills before theirs. What could be more important than their problems?


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