Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Road stupid

I was stopped at a red light between two gas stations on my way home from the gym. There were three cars ahead of me and I stopped well behind the last car to make room for people to turn in front of me into the gas station on my right. One car went through. Then another woman drove past the space until she was right next to me, turned her blinker on and stared at me like I was stupid. I stared back at her wondering if she was too stupid to realize that the space I left between my car and the other car was for others to turn in front of me instead of having to wait for me to move. To test this theory, I moved forward until I was close behind the car in front of me. Stupid Lady jerked her car around the back of mine and violently turned into the station. Whoops. I guess I pissed her off because I was courteous enough to allow her to turn in front of me instead of blocking the entrance like an ass. WTF?


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