Monday, April 18, 2005

They’re all gonna laugh at you

Several years ago, when I was still on speaking terms with MIL, Jose and I were sitting at her house visiting her. He started telling her about how he couldn’t wait to take me to El Salvador to show me his old neighborhood, the great beaches, waterfalls and all the attractions. He went on and on about it saying he couldn't wait to go there himself since it had been years since he left. He said by the time we actually got to go I would be able to speak Spanish and I could talk to people and understand what they were saying. When he stopped talking, MIL just stared at him.

“So when you going?” says MIL.

“One day.”


Then she turned to me.

“Ohhh Soosahn. When I was in school in El Salvador, a lady came to talk to us from the United States. We sit and listen to her and she talk to us for long time about America and how great it is. I sitting with my friends and we make fun with her because her Spanish sound so funny. Hee hee. We always make fun with Americans because their Spanish sound so funny. Hee hee.”

“Hmm. So I guess that means that people will make fun of me when I go. Great.”

“Ohhhhh nooooo! Hee hee. They don’t make fun of yooou. Just that lady. Hee hee.”

Gee thanks, MIL. That really makes me want to go there now.


Blogger j said...

So I guess she doesn't suppose that people could make fun of her English? Bitch.

11:30 AM  
Blogger Susan said...

Nooo. Why would anyone make fun of her? Everyone worships the ground she walks on and she's always right.

3:29 PM  

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