Monday, May 09, 2005

Evil MIL super clone

Oh, Jesus Christ. Jose's aunt Carmen and grandmother are in Los Angeles from El Salvador. This will lead to an inevitable visit here.

Carmen is MIL x 10. Grandma is sweet, but demanding.

Grandma expects Jose to spend every spare second with her and take her out to eat all the time. I think certain other people put this idea in her head first, but she sure thinks it's a great idea. They were here for a few weeks before and after the wedding and she complained, after she got home and there was nothing Jose could do about it I might add, that he didn't spend enough time with her. Who cares that he was about to get married and then after returning from the honeymoon was newly married? He must spend all his free time with her and the family.

Carmen is an evil bitch from hell. Everyone hates her. She makes rude comments about everything. She makes fun of everyone. Every time she sees me she says I look better than I did before because I lost weight, but I would look better if I lost more while she wears pants three sizes too small. She talks to me in Spanish using complex words and phrases or Salvadoran colloquialisms and then makes fun of me when I don't understand her. She made snarky comments about me not having a job right after I graduated and asked me if I was "taking a vacation." This is the one who thought she was THE professional wedding photographer and got in the real photog and videographer's way to take pictures I have never been allowed to see. She is the richest person in the family and was "insulted" that we didn't offer to pay for her plane ticket to fly here. She also gave Jose a photo of his bio mom and photos of him as a child that he had never seen before as a wedding present. She wrote in a letter addressed to "Jose and wife" that those pictures prove that they love him and have always loved him as a son. I always thought actions proved love more than photos, but ok.

So now I will again experience the joy of MIL, evil MIL super clone, junior MIL and GMIL, the one who started it all. At least SIL has been neutral lately and has apparently allowed her kids to speak to me again. Maybe it won't be so bad this time. I plan to make myself scarce either way to be sure.

Another horror I have recently been informed of is that Carmen recently bought land across the street from MIL and wants to build a house there for her to stay when she visits. I shudder to think of how long the visits will be when she builds the house. At least it's pissing MIL off. JaJa.


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