Tuesday, May 03, 2005

It's just too hard to accept money from someone who's trying to pay you back

A couple of years ago, Jose bought and sold some mobile homes for a down payment and monthly payments since the buyers couldn't get their own loans. About the same time, MIL and FIL bought a trailer on some land and sold it to a guy, whose nickname is Tito, and financed it for him. MIL had a secret savings account that FIL didn't know about and she asked Jose to act like he was buying the trailer so she could use the secret money and make a secret profit of her own. The trailer ended up being in Jose's and MIL's names because FIL didn't want to put it in his name and didn't want to deal with it. (Nothing can be simple.)

So MIL told Jose to collect the money for the trailer/land and keep up with the payments until it was paid off. She claims that she is too soft to deal with collecting money because Tito may try to give her a hard time about paying. It all sounds like a load of shit, but if you really think you're going to have problems with someone you're selling something to, then maybe you shouldn't sell it to them. But that's just my opinion.

To make matters stupider, MIL works with the guy. Jose doesn't. It would be much simpler if she got the money since she sees Tito almost every day. Two of the guys Jose sold his mobile homes to also work with MIL. Most of the time they would just give the money to her to give to Jose, but she would never accept money from Tito. She did one time and as she gave Jose his money from the other guys, she also gave him the money from Tito so he could deposit it into her account. But otherwise, she would get Jose's money and then tell him that he needed to get the money from Tito, which involved going to where they all work and getting it, usually while MIL was there anyway.

If that's not retarded enough, today Tito came looking for Jose while he was at work. She saw him when she was next door at SIL's house. When she went back to work, Tito asked her when he could pay Jose. Instead of taking the money, she called Jose to find out when he would be getting off so he could get the money from Tito. He told her when he would get off and hung up. When he told me what was going on, I asked what I have asked him several hundred times--why can't she just get the money herself? So he told her to get it and she agreed like she had never thought of it before. I guess common sense doesn't come easily for her. Or maybe both of them sometimes.


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