Monday, May 16, 2005

Just a short story or two

It's so hard to find time to post lately. We recently found out we had termites. According to the Terminix guy, they had been there for two to five years. And they had gotten there through wooden boards someone had thrown under the house since there is no wood from the house touching the ground. So I thought...hmm, MIL and FIL moved here in 1995 and moved out three years ago. WE didn't put the wood under there, so I wonder who did? Hmm.

We are also opening a restaurant. Finally. We have spent the past five months trying to find a place to open one. We were actually trying to open a bar, but with a relatively new ordinance barring lounges within 250 feet of residential zones, that is out of the question. But a restaurant will probably be better anyway. (Crosses fingers.) It should be open in a month or less.

FIL offered to help clean the kitchen. He was off work today and Jose asked him about the pressure washer he said he would bring to help. He said he would bring it by. He did. He stopped by, practically threw the pressure washer near the house and sped off. Didn't offer to help. What a surprise. What WILL be a surprise is if he actually does help at all. I expect the use of this piece of equipment to be brought up over the next 20 years in conversations about how much they helped us when we were opening the restaurant.


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