Monday, May 23, 2005

Let the games begin

We were at the restaurant with my dad Saturday while my uncle and brother were painting it. FIL, MIL and SIL's 4-year-old daughter come by. I groaned out loud. I couldn't help it. Jose told me to "say hey to them when they come in. Ask them how they're doing. Be friendly." PLEEEASE. Why would I EVER do that after everything I've been put through by McCrazy and her sidekick(s)?

FIL comes in and says hey to everyone. Hmm. Where's MIL? Sitting on an ash can outside the window. Dad asks why she's still outside. "Oh, she won't come in because I'm here." Everyone exchanges bewildered looks. HELLO. You all know she's crazy AND that she hates me.

After about 15 minutes, Jose comes out of the kitchen with FIL and finally realizes that she is still outside. He went outside. He came back inside. A few more minutes pass and she finally comes in. Completely ignoring everyone, except my brother who said hey to her out of common decency when he went outside to get something.

Jose, Crazy and FIL stand around talking. I hear SIL's daughter ask about me. She looks at me and I wave at her. I guess someone stopped telling her that I am evil because she and her brother aren't afraid to talk to me now. She keeps asking about me even though I'm a few feet away from her. I know it's burning MIL's ass that she wants to talk to me. Jose brings the kid over to me so she can say hey. MIL won't even turn around and look. I know she's getting ready to explode. "What's up, N?" I say. "Nothing," she says giggling. MIL almost runs into the kitchen.

After a few more minutes of BS, they finally leave. I ask Jose later if he said anything to MIL about not saying hey to me. "No. Why would I say anything to her about that?" "I don't know. Why would you say anything to me about it? You know she doesn't like me. Why in the hell would I say anything to her when I know she's going to ignore me?" He gets a pouty look on his face because his mom and I don't get along. Well, hey, maybe we would if she wasn't a raving fucking lunatic.


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