Thursday, May 26, 2005

Redneck agenda

This is on I-65 South between Birmingham and Montgomery, about halfway between Clanton and Prattville. This is just what we need, a 50-foot rebel flag on the interstate connecting other states with Alabama. This is what visitors and passersby need to see. A billboard screaming that we're too stupid to realize we lost the war or that we don't care, we'll fly our flag anyway. What an embarassment. Some redneck dipshit must have spent $1,000 on that thing just to piss people off. What a waste of time and money.

Some other redneck hung a slighty smaller flag on another interstate highway near our house. Mysteriously, it was gone within a week. I like to think that the neighbors around this guy made him take it down, which is probably true anyway since a large number of his neighbors are black.

I hope I don't see this the next time I go to Birmingham. Sheesh. If you're driving through Alabama and you see something like this, no, it wasn't sponsored by the state.


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