Friday, May 27, 2005

Riding on lawnmowers with morons

I just found out something stupid. MIL was cutting the grass at SIL's house sometime last week. Somehow, she managed to run the lawnmower into the pool. She may have fallen in, too, but I was told that she jumped off, commando-style, before it crashed into the empty pool.

Now what I want to know is, how could a person, who's not at least mildly retarded, run a lawnmower into a pool while they are cutting grass? There is no fence, but it does have several feet of concrete around it and you would have to be going out of your way or be a big dumbass for it to end up in the pool. I wonder if she did it on purpose. It broke the mower and FIL had to fix it. Maybe she was pissed at FIL and wanted to make his life harder by making him do extra work. That's very possible.

I was also reminded that she got stuck in mud in the back yard twice. TWICE. She was driving her car around the back yard after it had rained and got stuck in the mud in the exact same place. TWICE. You'd think she'd learn after the first time not to go riding around the back yard after it rains. She could at least have waited until the grass dried a little to act like a lunatic, but of course that makes too much sense. She must do whatever makes the least sense and causes people to do the most work for her. I don't know why she has to drive around the back yard. It's only about an acre, so it's not like she's looking for something she can't see from the house. She still does it sometimes, so I'm guessing she'll get stuck a third time. Maybe even a fourth. Maybe she'll get stuck several times a year from now on because it's just too hard to remember that you might get stuck in mud when you drive on wet grass.


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women drivers... duh!

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