Sunday, June 12, 2005

And the award for "Worst Mother in the United States" goes to...

Bernarda Claribel Guevara. 334-514-7263. Call and congratulate her. Next she will be competing for the title of "Worst Mother in the World."

Here is an account of one of the many deeds, just the latest in a series of dubious events, that earned her this notorious title:

Last night, Rodolfo, one of the waiters at our restaurant, told Jose that he saw Jose's mom at another Mexican restaurant where one of his friends works. He asked Jose why she doesn't come to our restaurant. Jose said he didn't know.

How awkward is that?

I guess that means she won't ever come to our restaurant. Oh, darn. But seriously, that's really fucked up. Sure, she's free to eat wherever she wants, but she's never even tried our restaurant and she goes to another Mexican restaurant to eat right after we open.

Now how does that look? Jose's "mom" won't even eat at our restaurant. People will either think she's a bitch and doesn't support her "son" at all (and they would be right) or they will think that our food is so bad that even she won't eat there.

Thanks for all your help, you pathetic excuse for a human being.

I'm kind of glad that I don't have to see her there, but it pisses me off that she has to make Jose feel like shit all the time and it's bad advertising for us. Thank God she doesn't know too many people and some of them know what a nut job she is. I thought she would come by sometimes to get a discount, but I guess hurting Jose in any way she can is way more important than saving money and pretending that you're important. I was planning to treat her just like any other customer that I don't know. I wasn't going to be petty and stupid the way she HAS to be ALL THE TIME and I've never been that way anyway.

And why in the hell does she have to make such a big deal about the fact that she hates me? I can't stand her either, but I don't tell everyone I meet about it and make a huge deal out of it every chance I get. When I see her in public, I just don't speak to her. I don't make mean faces at her and TRY to make her feel weird or tell everyone what a bitch she is. I sort of pretend she's not there. I bitch about her a lot here, but I don't offline. Only when she pulls some shit like this, but even then I don't bore everyone I meet with it.

I guess being a civilized human being is too much for her to handle. It's obviously way out of character for her to be anything other than a pain in the ass for everyone in the world.


Blogger j said...

I don't know that I'll ever make it down there, but if I ever did, I would be sure to look up your restaurant and eat there. And if your evil MIL was there, I'd glare at her for you.

3:31 PM  
Blogger Susan said...

:) Thanks. LOL

3:41 PM  
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