Tuesday, June 28, 2005

B freakin' S

We're starting our fourth week in the restaurant. And still no MIL. We heard from friends at a another restaurant we went to on Sunday that she had left right before we got there. Darn. Sorry we missed her. She went to eat Mexican somewhere else AGAIN and she was off all weekend as always. My guess is that her excuse will be that she can only eat Mexican on Sundays and since we're closed on Sundays now, how can she go there? It's our fault for closing on Sunday because if we didn't she might go. We're just not making it convenient enough for her even though she has three days off per week.

Jose talked to her the other day and asked her if she had heard anyone say anything about the restaurant. And she had. She told him she heard people say that anyone who opens a restaurant where we did will go out of business because there are only black people there. Black people don't have the money to eat out? They don't like Mexican food? I don't know, but that's what she said. Ignoring how racist that is, we are surrounded by offices and upper-class neighborhoods. Even if all those offices are inhabited by only black people, they have to eat, too. And people get tired of taking their lunch every day and sometimes they want to eat out. Some eat at restaurants EVERY DAY. And if only black people live in those neighborhoods, considering the size of those houses, the owners can afford to eat Mexican food. Whatever color they are.

She also told him that someone said that the Super (Duper) Wal-mart that is being built down the street isn't going to be built anymore. Notice how I said, "the Wal-mart that is being built." As in right now, as I type. Wal-mart bought the 50 or so old houses in the neighborhood, tore them down and cleared the land. But now I guess they've changed their minds. Oh no! We're ruined! I guess that means the Publix isn't going to be built either, even though it's halfway finished. What are we to do?!

Apparently he called her back the next morning for God knows what and she told him that her boss (a Mexican restaurant owner) was the one who said all that. That may be true, but it sounds like some bullshit MIL would make up. Mostly because it makes NO FUCKING SENSE. She wants everyone to be miserable all the time, including herself. By saying that BS, whether someone actually said it or not, she wanted us to think that no one will come to our place, we won't make any money, we'll have to close the restaurant and be miserable for the rest of our lives because we didn't ask her to be part of it and she must be included in everything and enjoy the benefits of everything and do absolutely nothing for it because EVERYONE IN THE WORLD is supposed to help her make money so she doesn't have to work for it because she's such a wonderful person. Grrr.

She can't say anything good about anything. I'm sure she's also heard a few good things about us (we're kind of a buzz in the community, especially among Mexican cuisine connoisseurs, i.e. Mexican restaurant frequenters). But why tell us anything good? That might actually make us feel good and she can't be the cause of that.


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