Monday, June 20, 2005

Rice and beans

Wes, a good friend from high school, recently started serving with us after getting fired from another job. He will be a bartender soon whenever we get the damn liquor license. Fucking Alabama. Well, my point is that Wes speaks very little Spanish and the cooks speak very little English. So they are all having a hard time understanding each other with the food orders. They communicate via elaborate hand signals and the English and Spanish they know or kind of know. Today I was in the kitchen and caught part of one of these exchanges as Wes tried to explain an order to the cooks. What I caught was:

"Rice or beans?"
"Rice and beans."
"Rice or beans?"
"Rice and beans."
"Rice or beans?"
"Rice and beans. You can't do both?"
"Yes, both."
"Poquito rice, poquito frio (A little rice, a little cold)."
"Oh, ok."

Wes was trying to tell them he needed rice and beans with an order. The word for beans is frijoles, not frio. Frio means cold. I heard some things came out wrong with this table. I'm not sure what, but I wonder if they gave him cold rice instead of rice and beans.

Another thing is that the cooks think he does cocaine because he blows his nose a lot. When he goes in the kitchen they say, "Cocaina?" He always says, "No." "Cocaina, si." "No cocaina." Who knows about these guys. Today he went in the kitchen and one said, "Marijuana?" "I DON'T DO DRUGS," he shouted. "Marijuana, si."


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