Saturday, June 18, 2005

She has hemorrhoids

MIL has called Jose twice in the past week. The first time was to tell him that a guy she sold a trailer to wanted to pay everything he owes her. The second time was to ask him why she hadn't gotten money from another guy she sold a car to. Yep, you guessed it. She wanted Jose to take care of these things for her. He doesn't have enough to do right now with our new restaurant. He needs to deal with her shit, too.

To make it stupider, she works with the guy who bought the trailer from her, but she thinks it's better for Jose to deal with him even though she sees him four days a week all day long. Despite that, she expects Jose to take time out of his day to go to the restaurant where she and this guy work, get the money from him, give him a bill of sale, etc. All things she could do herself. WHILE SHE'S AT WORK.

The guy who bought the car from her moved to another city and hasn't been making payments when he's supposed to. That's her fault for selling a car to someone she didn't know and letting him make payments on it. She needs to deal with it but she wants Jose to deal with it because he knew the guy and found out he wanted to buy a car. However, Jose wasn't and isn't friends with him and can't get in touch with him any better than MIL can. All he has is the same cell phone number MIL has.

But she's too feeble and helpless to do anything for herself. And her life is so hard. People should always help her with everything because she's always sooo tired and she has a headache and her stomach hurts and she has hemorrhoids. It's not fair. It's no good. Anything anyone else has to do is nothing compared to what SHE has to do every day. It's too much to bear. That's why she's incapable of helping anyone else. Everyone owes it her.


In other stupid observations, MIL's sister-in-law came in the restaurant last night acting like a spy. She walked in with a group of people trying blend in while she was on the phone. She was with Samantha's ( a server) boyfriend's family. Her husband and kids didn't come. It gave me the feeling that she was hoping nobody would recognize her if she was with them. We hadn't seen her in a long time, but the huge nose and nasty teeth gave her away.

She looked around at EVERYTHING while she was on the phone (with MIL?). And it wasn't looking around in a good way. It was the way MIL used to come in our house looking for anything that was even a little bit dirty or not done exactly the way she would do it. Then she kept staring at me. I was sitting at the register and I kept feeling someone's stare from the back of the room. When I looked up it was always her. Telling MIL if I'm doing anything or not, maybe? They like to pretend that I'm lazy and I never do anything. And they especially like to talk about it. They would be happy sitting around for hours talking shit about me if they actually had anything to say. They must be getting bored and they need to find new things to make up about me. I wonder if MIL will ever actually go there or if she will just keep sending more spies.


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