Saturday, June 04, 2005

The two acts of charity that changed the world as we know it

Otherwise known as "The Two Good Things Jose's 'Mom' Has Done for Him in His Entire Life."*


When Jose was a young child, he developed a mysterious illness, leaving him incapacitated for months. He was too weak to leave his bed and everyone thought he would die. Numerous doctors were called and after all hope was lost, a priest was called to give him his last rights. Eventually he recovered. Since the family members left in El Salvador had no money, and I mean N-O money, MIL, being the charitable, giving person that she is and being in the U.S., decided to help pay for the medical bills spent on trying to keep a small child alive.

Note: The country was involved in a bloody civil war at the time, rendering the Salvadoran Colon, practically useless. Currently, the exchange rate of American currency to Salvadoran currency is about $1 to 8 colones. At that time, it was much higher. A fortune in El Salvador was probably no more than a minor inconvenience in American dollars.


Neighborhood boys/men in El Salvador form "gangs" to help protect their neighborhood from other neighborhoods. At least they did in the early 90s. Jose made the mistake of beating up (geez, this sounds bad) a boy in another gang. This enfuriated the boy's friends and they vowed to kill Jose for it. They waited for him after school, but couldn't get to him through his own friends. They also watched his home, so he never went back there. The situation was bad and it looked as though he would eventually be killed if he didn't get away from the city. Jose's grandmother (who actually raised him) begged MIL to bring Jose to the states and away from trouble. She grudgingly agreed after some time and MIL and FIL paid for Jose to come to the states via Guatemala.

There you have it. The two good things MIL has done for Jose in his entire life. The generosity must be blowing you away.

Note: Once Jose was in the states, he was required to get a job. He was given the choice to work or go to school. He chose school, but was still made to work. MIL and FIL kept every paycheck he got to repay his debt to them for being so astoundingly generous and saving his life twice. This went on for at least a year or two before Jose had had enough of their BS with keeping his money and other things. He moved out to get away from their dysfunction...and here we are.

*See comments in previous post.


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