Thursday, June 02, 2005

Woe is her

I've just been informed that MIL is "uncomfortable" when she goes in our restaurant. Because of me. Therefore, she may not be going to the dinner we're having Sunday night for family members and close friends. What kind of mother can't go to her "son's" new restaurant because his wife is there. I guess the same kind of mother who would show up an hour late for her "son's" wedding.

Now, of course, this is made to seem as though this "uncomfortableness" is my fault. Even though I was made to feel uncomfortable in my own house, MIL's house or anywhere she and I were at the same time for years. Forget that I was harrassed, made fun of and generally treated like shit by her every chance she got.

Let's also forget that if Crazy had been at least civilized to me for the past several years, had not tried to ruin everything I did, didn't talk shit about me to everyone she knew and didn't try to turn my husband against me, she wouldn't feel "uncomfortable" around me. And I would have no reason to be contemptuous of her. Anyway, it's not like I sit around making evil faces at her and obviously turning my head in the exact opposite direction of where she's standing the way she does in an attempt to make me uncomfortable. I don't talk to her, she doesn't talk to me. If that makes her "uncomfortable," it's her own damn fault. Even if I did go out of my way to make her "uncomfortable" I have pretty damn good reasons to.

So apparently the whole familia Crazy may not participate Sunday because MIL has to start shit with/about me every chance she gets. I personally don't give a fuck. It just proves my point to everyone and it should prove something to Jose. If she can be ridiculous about something, she will. I mean, it's not like I'm going to sit on top of the table in front of her and make mean faces. Or point my finger and laugh at her. Or steal her lunch money. But whatever she has to do to be stupid and dramatic and draw attention away from everything else to herself is worth whatever she has to do. She's even trying to act like she gives a flying fuck what I think, asking Jose if I'm happy about the restaurant, blah, blah, blah, bullshit. PUHHLEEASE. "Oh, I feel so uncomfortable around Susan. I don't want to go to the restaurant. Boo hoo. But how she doing? She like the restaurant?" That BS will wear off soon enough.


Blogger j said...

Just to be sure I'm remembering right. She is NOT really Jose's mother? Or am I confusing that with someone else? Didn't you say she just kind of adopted him? Why on earth does he put up with it????

11:47 AM  
Blogger Susan said...

You're right. He kind of ended up with her.

I guess he puts up with it because she's the only mother he knows. The problem is that she'll pretend to be nice for a while every so often--what she's been doing for the past couple of months. He gets used to her being nice and when she starts being a bitch again it's like he's caught off guard and doesn't realize what she's up to. I don't really get it. False hope, I guess?

But that's still a good question. Why DOES he put up with her BS? When I ask him about the good things she's done for him, he always mentions the same two things. Only two things in 28 years. And they involved him living or dying. So basically, she did these "good deeds" to prevent him from dying/being killed. And these two good deeds, both done more than 10 years ago, are supposed to make up for her terrible behavior forever.

2:57 AM  

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