Saturday, July 02, 2005

Attack of the MIL Clones

We have a new waitress. She is exactly like MIL.

We had agreed not to hire any more females to work with us right now. We have enough drama with myself, Sam, Juana, Mari and Dana. And to add to that, most Mexican women seem to despise American women. I didn't want to take the chance that the next Mexican female would hate me for existing. But Jose agreed to meet with someone who needed a job and he and his partner, Juana, agreed to hire her. Besides the addition of drama, she also barely speaks English. Which is a problem for the customers.

She showed up for work her first day. Everyone thought she seemed nice including myself. After that day, she was anything but. The other problem is that she kisses Jose's and Juana's asses, while being rude to everyone else, especially me.

At first, she was as rude to me as she was to everyone else. She gave me mean looks, always got in my way, never spoke to me unless she absolutely had to. She basically did the same things to everyone else. Then she met MIL.

The story is that she, her husband and their son got kicked out of their house in Columbus, Ga. They were promised great jobs and a place to live if they came here but that never happened. They supposedly were staying in their car or driving all the way to Columbus, about 2 hours away from here, every night. Jose felt sorry for them (he can't help himself if someone's in trouble or needs help) and talked his sister into letting them stay with her for a while. That ended up being one night until they found someone else to stay with. They told Jose that SIL was going to have some other people staying with her and they had to leave, but I think SIL decided she didn't want them there.

The Girl, as we call her, husband and child had to meet MIL to get her permission to stay in SIL's house. MIL wanted to "make sure" with her spectacular judgment that they weren't going to steal everything in the middle of the night or kill SIL or make everyone like them more than MIL. MIL is under the delusion that because she owns the house, even though she doesn't live there, she has the final and only say in what goes on there. Therefore, The Girl and company met with MIL and after that, The Girl decided she hated me.

The next day, she was ruder than ever. She came to the register with a couple of tickets from a table. Instead of asking me to take care of them or just leaving them there for me to do, she slammed them down on the desk and yelled, "PLEASE!" This is exactly what you should do to piss me off. I got the change and threw it back at her. She sighed loudly and dramatically as she picked the change up off the counter (remind you of anyone yet?).

Next, I was walking to the kitchen while she was walking out. She held the door until I was close enough for it to slam in my face as she let it go. Now I was really pissed. She overheard me telling Wes, "If she wants to play games, I can play, too. I'm the wrong bitch to fuck with." After that, she practically jumped out of my way when I walked toward her and stopped looking at me at all. This should be fun on Tuesday when she goes back to work.

The Girl also doesn't answer by her name. People call her name several times and she doesn't answer. She doesn't have a hearing problem. She looks at them when everyone else does to see what they are talking about and she doesn't have a problem hearing anything else. And her name, Arady Vasalb, is the least Mexican-sounding and looking name I've ever heard. And I'm pretty sure she spelled it "Adary" one time. However, she looks when someone says "Maria." She gives me the screaming willies. *Shudder*


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