Sunday, July 24, 2005

The day that will otherwise be known as the unluckiest day of this decade and probably the next

We had our Grand Opening on Thursday night, July 21st.

Jose and I had been having a lot of problems with his business partner which led to him giving her an ultimatum: either she starts doing what she’s supposed to do and showing up on time or she’s out. She decided to quit instead. He asked her to be there for the Grand Opening and she just didn’t show up. Her sister, who was the hostess, was let go Monday because she couldn’t mind her own business and caused a lot of problems. On purpose. The busboy was fired Thursday morning for not doing his job and having an attitude problem. Not to mention stealing money (which we never caught him doing, damnit). Ara, one of the servers, left to do something right before we opened and wasn’t back until almost noon. Meanwhile, we got slammed at about 11:30. Well, hey, we’re way short-staffed and this sucks but this is a good sign, right?

A radio station did a live remote for us from 4 – 7 pm and announced the winner of a trip for two to Orlando, Fla. We had been taking entries all week. People don’t usually start showing up until 6 or 6:30 pm. Why did they decided to be here so early? To attract people here earlier they said. They sat around. We sat around. They did a few live plugs. We got one table. An eccentric regular who always comes by himself and sits by the window. My dad came early to take pictures, but left around six because no one was there and probably because he was bored.

About 6:30, a few tables show up. They did the drawing for the trip about 6:45 because Scotty Mac had to be back on the air at 7 pm. (Why did we pay until 7? Oh yeah, they came a few minutes early.) They announced the winner on the air and left.

We found two busboys for the night just in case we needed them. We talked a server friend from another restaurant to come help us out for the night. We let one busboy and two servers go because it was so slow. Had the “Grand” Opening been a complete disaster?

Then we got slammed at almost 8 o’clock. We had almost lost hope. The day had been saved! Jose was starting to think we were cursed. Anyway, it worked out ok. We didn’t break any records, but it was pretty close. Everyone knows that whenever you have something big planned disaster strikes but this was ridiculous.

The next day some of our regulars returned. Where had they been? Why did they pick THURSDAY NIGHT to not come? That’s how we found out. The electricity in most of the surrounding area was out and they thought we would be closed. What the fuck? It had rained for a few minutes earlier in the afternoon about 4 pm and there was some serious lightning. I guess no one was listening to the radio. What a waste of money.


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