Tuesday, July 19, 2005


MIL finally came to the restaurant yesterday. We have been open five weeks. I was standing at the bar with Jose and Wes when Wes said, “Hey, look who’s here.” I turned around. Oh shit. Jose asked me to go seat them. Yeah right. “You go fucking seat them.”

MIL, FIL and SIL’s kids came in and Jose put them directly behind me. From where I was standing and behind the freaking register. Thank you very much. I really want them that close to me. But it was fine. I acted like they were any other customers that I didn’t know. I didn’t say anything to them, they didn’t say anything to me. I didn’t even look their way except once and MIL was staring at me evilly. But then I continued ignoring them.

SIL’s kids didn’t even say anything to me and they ALWAYS do now when I pass by SIL’s house. Coaching? Threatening? I don’t know. When 5-year-old M. saw me looking at him, he turned his head quickly with a “What?” look on his face. When they were leaving, I said bye to 4-year-old N. She quickly said, “Bye Susana” and ran outside. Hmm. A little suspicious. And they usually both call me “tia,” aunt in Spanish. They always have. Now all of a sudden she calls me by my name? Tsk tsk. Fucking with children’s heads and bringing them into your bullshit. How fucking pathetic and psychotic.

Then to top off the ridiculousness, MIL says thank you to me when she leaves. From across the restaurant. I ignored her. This would be a nice gesture for a normal person, but to ignore me for months then say thank you to me in front of people so you’ll look good after you’ve just ignored me for the past hour? Why bother? Honestly, I wasn’t sure she had said anything to me until the busboy told me. I mean, why the hell would she say anything to me? I’m sure she’s telling everyone she knows that I was mean to her and see why she doesn’t like me? And Sam’s boyfriend, Marvin, who is a friend of MIL’s and everyone she knows was there at the next table. Hmm. Maybe he’ll tell everyone for her.



Also, we figured out that the busboy has been stealing everyone’s tips. They had been making $90 to $100 a day then all of a sudden they started making $60 to $70 a day. When business started picking up. That makes no sense. And it coincides with when the busboy started working with us. To make it more obvious, Sam, who is the biggest moneymaker, made $65 Friday. Wes made $150-something and Ara made $130-something. That’s more than odd. The second cook told Ara that the busboy told him he had been stealing tips and Ara saw him actually do it once. She hasn’t been tipping him out since then because of it.

We set a trap for him Saturday night but it didn’t work. Everyone had been talking about him stealing all day and even though he doesn’t really speak English I’m sure understood some of it. And Jose made it so freaking obvious that we were up to something. He and Wes put a five-dollar bill and a one-dollar bill on a table between the salt and pepper shakers to see if he would take it. That would have been fine, but he also dropped a five-dollar bill by the register and put $2 on the bar. Ohhkay. That’s not a setup. So he didn’t take anything. Obviously.

And since he knew something was up, he got really pissed off and started slamming things around while he was cleaning up. He threw a tablecloth on the floor when Jose asked him to do something and dragged the chairs inside from the balcony, bumping them against the door. Then he argued about his check because he thought we weren't paying him enough. Hmm.
If he has been taking tips, he has probably stolen close to $1,000 over the past three weeks. On Friday, he must have stolen about $100 just from Sam. Instead of $65, she probably should have made $165. With his attitude, he will most likely be gone soon even if we don’t catch him stealing anything. Good riddance.


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