Saturday, July 16, 2005

It was good but...I threw everything up

A man came to the restaurant the other night about 15 minutes before closing. He sat at the bar (We FINALLY got our liquor license. Yay! Now we can serve alcohol.) and ordered a margarita.

Me: You were here the other night weren't you?
Man: Yes. I was here last night.
I remember you.
You know, I wanted to tell you guys...last night I got the shrimp something...
Quesadilla, fajitas, nachos?
Something like that. Anyway, I wanted to tell you guys...when I went home, I threw everything back up.
Everyone at the bar (no customers, thank God) stops what they are doing and looks at him.
Me: You threw everything up?
Man: Yes. I felt a lot better.
I had shrimp last night also. Nothing happened.
Something sure happened to me. Maybe it was something else.
Probably. I hope so.

Then he asked for a menu and ordered something to eat.

Ok. That was weird.

Later, he thanked everyone, said he enjoyed it, paid and didn't leave a tip. I can't wait to hear what he has to say next time.


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