Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The mail wars of 2005

So I got home tonight after another 12 hour day and headache after fucking headache all day long to a surprise. Mail on the door step. We still get a few pieces of junk mail at SIL's house because Jose used to live there.

The problem is that it had rained. And every piece was soaking in water for who knows how long.

Included in the pile was a letter from the Alabama Revenue Department saying that we had made a mistake on our tax returns. Or actually Jose's uncle, or whatever he is, made a mistake. He used SIL's address for them instead of ours even though Jose hasn't lived there in at least 3 years. Why did I ever agree to let him do our taxes? GAH. I read the letter and we are owed $68. At least it was in our favor.

Otherwise we would have been extremely late paying them because the mail was 2 months old. Yes. TWO MONTHS OLD. That's the second problem.

I continued sifting through the mail. There was the check sent 2 days later.

The thing is that we STILL, STILL get some of their mail at our house. After THREE F-U-C-K-I-N-G years. Since SIL is such a loser, MIL has all of her bills in her name. We get most of them here. WE give it to them on time even though we've been trying to get them to get their own shit at their own houses for the past THREE YEARS. We don't give it to them TWO MONTHS later. And WE don't leave anything outside in the rain. IN THE RAIN. Thanks for giving me my mail TWO WHOLE MONTHS LATE and thanks again for letting it get rained on. Fuck you very much.

The mail wars have been over for several months but I guess they've gotten bored. This means I get to start redirecting their mail to their house through the postal service instead of giving it to them. Or I can leave it in the trash can for them. Maybe I'll throw it in what's left of the swimming pool for them. Or dip it in the toilet before I deliver it to them. Anything to return the favor.

Fucking bitches.


Blogger j said...

At the very least, redirect. What pain in the ass. OMG, I would be so pissed off.

10:27 AM  
Blogger Susan said...

This is typical. I thought they got over it but I guess not. I'll redirect their mail but I might let it sit out in the rain or dip it in the toilet first so they can at least see if they like to get their mail wrinkled and with runny ink even though it won't still be wet.

10:12 AM  

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