Monday, October 24, 2005

Everyone in the world is crazy

I've been so busy and tired for the past few months from opening the restaurant I haven't felt like blogging. It seemed like too much energy to spend to sit upright when I could lie down and be perfectly still. Now that things are starting to settle into a routine, I'm getting that itch to write again. Maybe it's because I'm getting more sleep at night. Or maybe I'm just getting used to working 12 hours a day.

Last week, we fired one of our waiters. Through another waiter, we found out that he had been trying to get everyone to quit by telling them that Jose was an asshole and asking them why they put up with his shit. He wanted them to quit all at once when we were busy so Jose and myself would be left all alone with no help in a crowded restaurant. He was offering jobs to everyone at another restaurant where he said he was going to go work. I don't know how or why he thought he could get them all jobs at this place or how he could even get himself a job there. We could tell something was up with him because he suddenly started being rude to Jose and me. Jose was getting ready to fire him anyway because of his bad attitude.

This made me think as I have done so often about why we attract demented people. Maybe not me, maybe Jose. His mom for instance. She is the most evil person I have ever met. She's not the usual mother-in-law, making snide comments and being a pain in the ass. She really has it out for me and goes to absurd lengths to piss me off. (See previous posts.)

Even though his mom has completely fucked the both of us, together and separately, he still actually talks to her. Not as much as he used to and at least he doesn't still think she's a saint , but he still actually talks to her. If she were my mother I would talk to her as little as I possibly could.

More than just those two, we seem to attract a lot of crazies. It's almost like every other person we meet ends up fucking us over. I know there are fucked up people in the world, but why do we have to find all of them?

Or is it us? Maybe we are the fucked up ones and everyone else is normal. Every time someone turns on us, I analyze what went wrong and try to see how it could have been my fault. So far, I can see nothing we have done to make these people want to hate us. They just do. And it's not just those two.

Jose's former business partner showed up hours late to work every day, had an attitude problem, made ridiculous demands and thought she was above us. So he got rid of her. Everyone who knew the situation told us she needed to leave. They thought she was a huge problem and they were right. After she was let go, she started telling everyone she met about how we fucked her over and how I talked Jose into kicking her out. I was supposedly having an affair with one of the waiters who had been my friend for 10 years and we both made Jose get rid of her. The scary thing is that doesn't even make sense. Later she tried to sue us for $5,000 in "worker's compensation" and physically attacked my supposed lover in a club one night. But is it something about us?

Jose's former friend, now aquaintance, started to abuse his girlfriend who eventually broke up with him. While trying to get her back, he made up stories about Jose cheating on me with various other women. Of course his girlfriend, who was my best friend at the time, told me everything he had said. After analyzing and investigating his claims, I found them to be false. Mostly because they just didn't make sense. This ended our friendships. Why would he say these things knowing they would get back to us and could have ended our relationship when he was supposed to be a good friend? I know part of the reason he did it was because he thought Jose told me about him cheating on his girlfriend and I had told her about it. This didn't happen, but a comment his girlfriend made to him made him think so. I guess he was trying to get Jose back by making Jose sound much worse than him.

Another example is a former waitress who quit because she said she was working too much even though we offered her extra days off all the time. After she quit, she told everyone that we wouldn't give her time off and she was working seven days a week. We aren't even open seven days a week.

Or Jose's former boss and owner of another restaurant who accused us of hiring someone to steal his truck. He couldn't say why or how we would do this, but he was sure we did it because he thought we had a problem with him. He couldn't explain why we would have a problem with him either.

Or another restaurant owner and former boss of Jose's who fired him because he was convinced Jose was going to open the same kind of restaurant right in front of his in the middle of the parking lot.

It seems like Jose attracts them more than I do, but I'm still not sure if it's us or them.


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